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Stage some Good Vibrations that create a Positive ListingHouse healers use out-of-the-box ideas for bringing positive energy to your listings — and doing away with bad spirits.Any real estate professional knows that buying a home is as much of an emotional and spiritual journey as it is a financia ...
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Colleen McCann is a big proponent of something called “spiritual hygiene.” She’s an energy practitioner, a shaman who specializes in clearing energy at home, mainly inside of closets, a space she knows well after working for many years as a fashion stylist. “I pass on sage or Palo Santo with ...
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sage smudge lady
Do you think Public Sage Smudging is an expression of free speech, religious belief or an issue of public safety?  Maybe both!  Comment below and let us know what you think.  Source: Sage Smudge Lady v. Donald Trump: Case Dropped, Lawsuit Planned | WestwordSource: Sage Smudge Lady v. Donald Trump ...
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Sage Smudge Stick


BYE BYE NEGATIVE ENERGY: SMUDGING 101Chances are you’ve heard about smudging, the act of burning sacred herbs to transmute negative energy. Here, modern shamanic practitioner Marika Messager explains the process in detail and provides a step-by-step basic smudging ritual.WHAT EXACTLY IS SMUDGING? ...
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Celebrities who Cleanse and Smudge with Sage

Adam Glassman, the creative director of O, The Oprah Magazine, does what any good boss would do to welcome new hires. He warmly greets them, hosts a first-day breakfast meeting — and then rids their cubicles of bad aura by waving around a burning bundle of herbs (otherwise known as a smudge stick) ...
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Sage Smudging to Bless and Clear Your Space 

Smudging your sacred space, your home or office, or even your body with sage is like taking an energetic shower, or doing a deep metaphysical cleansing. The smoke from dried sage actually changes the ionic composition of the air, and can have a direct effect on reducing our stress response.  Smudgi ...
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Cleanse, Bless & Protect!

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